Congress supporting the deregulation of banks that led to the Silicon Valley Bank debacle shows two truths: the financial sector will chase profits no matter the risk, and most politicians are more worried about funding their re-elections than protecting their constituents.

High-risk banking practices are a threat to our communities.

Silicon Valley Bank took on a substantial amount of risk in its pursuit of higher profits, and this strategy proved unsustainable. These selfish business practices are concerning because they facilitate small business growth, support local initiatives, and contribute to job creation.

Senator Elizabeth Warren recently commented on this issue in The New York Times, saying: 

“We need to rein in the risky behavior of big banks and make sure they’re serving the real economy, not just their own bottom lines.” 

I couldn’t agree more. We must push Washington to hold banks accountable for their actions and ensure they are not jeopardizing our economy and local communities to maximize profits.

That’s why I’m asking you to sign this petition to have Congress hold banks accountable for their actions. The only way to make Washington pay attention is to let them know we are watching. Please sign this petition and help make a change.

Thanks for your support.

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